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When our nation was young and before Michigan became a state, a tract of land was registered as follows: "The United States of America, by John Quincy Adams, President and Commissioner of the General Land Office to Luther Lincoln, Jr.", dated April 2, 1825. Thus, Plymouth, MI was settled in 1825, was incorporated in 1867, and became a city in 1932.
It was George Starkweather, the first child born to settlers in present Plymouth Township, who later in 1871 recognized the importance of a railroad to a community and decided that the North Village of Plymouth would become the new center of town. He built a new store on the corner of Liberty and Starkweather and opened a road through his property for other new stores to locate. This area is presently known as "Old Village" or “Lowertown.”
More Information from Plymouth Historical Society

So, what is

"Find what you need to know about where you need to go" is the philosophy behind The problem with large websites that provide listing information for the whole world is that the local community is lost. You can find information anywhere, but how do you find more about that information, and connect with who provided that information?

Instead of waiting for other websites to update their content, at, the Businesses and Residents have power to provide the content. You get to tell a shop, "Hey, it would be nice to know what sales are going on." The shop can say, "Hey, this is what sales are going on, and display them." There is no waiting for to provide you with that information, it is between you and the shop.
What's ahead for is almost in full swing!
Plans for include interaction between you and your favorite restuarants, bars, stores, and other places and events that shape the Plymouth and Canton, Michigan community.

Helpful Lists
List Image The Babysitter List and Information on Babysitting in Plymouth and Canton, MI
A Print-out list with emergency information and phone resources that every parent should give to the babysitter. Information from the Red Cross that Babysitters and Parents should know.
List Image City/Township Services List and Information for Plymouth and Canton, MI
A Print-out list with police, fire department, cable, utilities, post office, secretary of state, and other municipal resources.


If something in this site could be better, or there is a feature that you would like to see, send me a suggestion and I will consider it. The only way for this site to work is if it works for you.

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