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'Do Plymouth' is almost in full swing!

It is now possible to search for your favorite restuarants, shops, and other places more easily. Not only can you search for a place you already know by its name or category, but you can discover new places based on what qualities you are looking for.

Example: Searching for Pizza Restuarants
While other sites only allow you to search only for pizza restuarants, gives you options:

Do you need to pay with credit card?
Do they offer delivery?
Do they have a smoking section?
Are they downtown?
Are they independent?
How much do they cost?

Better searching is only the beginning...

Interacting with the Business Community:
Encourage your favorite places to sign up with When businesses signup, they will be given access to post daily and weekly specials, announcements, hours, menus, live sales and more. You will be able to access all this information, send suggestions, learn history about the business and information about the owner if posted.
See the Owner & History section of my company, The Bowerman Collection

Example: Finding information for Restuarant/Bar
When a restuarant or bar posts an event you can find out:

Is there cover?
Is there an age limit?
Is there a dress code?
What are the specials?
What will the entertainment be?

Future Plans:
Future plans include sites for schools in the area to post sports scores and announcements about future events. Churches will also be able to sign up and post schedules, announcements and events. Churches, it's free.

Future plans also include any great suggestion that I receive that could make this site more useful for you!

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