New Business Features:

- Search Engine Engineered
- Change Hours
- User Statistics
- Suggestion Box
- Post Announcements
- Customize look of Website
- Web Billing Information

- Post Sales with Live Countdowns
- Restuarants/Bars:
   - Post Daily Specials/Events

New Business Topics
Searching and Marketing Benefits:
  • Your website is searchable as its own page
  • Page Ranking is increased as your website's ranking is higher because it is linked from's search pages
  • Instead of relying on large search engines to direct customers to your website among the world's millions, customers can find your website more easily, because the search is narrowed to a much smaller area!
  • You will not be competing against large corporate chains, only small businesses can enable advanced features.
Information:  |  Example
  • Set and Change Daily Hours (Post an Announcement to let your customers know if you are open on a holiday)
  • View Atmosphere ratings to see what type of customers you are attracting.
  • View how many times users come to your company's web page.
  • Restuarant's & Bars - Easily post your menu or I can do it for you!
Information Screen Shot
Design:  |  Example
  • Pick from different style choices that compliment the design of your web page.
  • Change and Preview these choices at any time.
  • Not only can you change how header bars look, but how links and text appear.
  • or... have a custom design made!

  • Style Demonstration
Design Screen Shot
Sales - Announcements:  |   Restuarant/Bar Example  |   Live Sale Example
  • Sales with 'Live Countdowns' show your customer to the minute how much time they have to save!
  • When sales end, your customers will know, so there is no confusion.
  • Post Announcements to let your customers know of important events or changes.
  • Restuarants & Bars Post Daily Specials and Events that include:
  • Drink and Food Specials
  • Entertainment or Events
  • If there is Cover, and how much it is.
  • Is there an Age Limit? What is it?
  • If there is a Dress Code, and what it is.
Specials Screen Shot
Web Billing:  |  Example
  • Email notifications of statements and payments received
  • Access to all history of payments
Billing Screen Shot
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