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    Schools, Charities

    There is no cost for schools and charities to take full advantage of everything that has to offer.

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    Churches, Non-profit Organizations and Groups

    Post your service and meeting schedules, announcements, bake sales, retreat events, fundraisers.
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Search engines are getting smarter, a link from a website like specializing in the Plymouth, MI area will weigh more valuably than a link from another website with less geographic weight.
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    If you have a link on your website to, will link back to your site from search pages for free. It is $20/yr to have link to your existing website from search pages without linking back to

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    Have link to your existing website from the home page.

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    Have link to your existing website from the home page with ad.

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    Have link to your existing website from a search page (dining, shopping, entertainment, services) with side ad.

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    Design of ad.

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